Zurich, 8 November 2018 – On 29 November, Farner will open an innovation lab in Löwenstrasse 2 in order to collaborate with clients on pilot projects to develop better brand experiences at the interface between technology, design and marketing. In this process, the agency will bring together specialised partners from the academic and technology sectors.  

New technologies (augmented reality/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice as an interface) increasingly shape daily life and with it the relationships between businesses and their clients. The Farner Lab at the agency’s Zurich location is bridging the gap between companies and the wealth of opportunities changing technologies present. The agency’s clients will now be able to try out the brand new possibilities within the framework of interdisciplinary pilot projects, test prototypes and gain strategically relevant experiences for the future.

The Farner Lab in Löwenstrasse 2 is the first usable and fully operational innovation lab belonging to a Swiss communications agency. It provides a platform for modern innovation and project processes, as well as access to a specialised network of experts. The agency and its experienced technology partners help companies to develop groundbreaking communications experiences and gain the knowledge and experience to give them a competitive edge. At the opening ceremony on 29 November, they will have the opportunity to discuss the strategic applications of the new technologies with the Farner Lab’s partners. In addition, Farner will offer some insight into the results of a joint study with the University of Lucerne on voice as an interface, and present both the technology’s chances of success and realistic scenarios for the future.

Roman Geiser, CEO and Managing Partner at Farner:
“With the Farner Lab, we are expanding our established consulting services in the context of the digital transformation to offer pioneering applications that are unprecedented on the Swiss communications market. The pilot projects with the new technologies offer companies unique, innovative ways of approaching clients and improving customer loyalty.”

The first pilot projects will be completed in the innovative fields of voice as an interface, augmented reality/virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The Farner Lab’s specialised strategic partners include the University of Lucerne, 89grad and Viable (voice as an interface), Bandara and 360 WeAre (AR/VR), 4Quant (AI), Hiversity, evitive and United Expeditions (collaborative innovation and project processes)

Reto Hofstetter, Professor for Marketing at the University of Lucerne:
“The rapid technological changes in marketing demand constant dialogue between scholarship and practice, which we actively maintain in our cooperation with Farner.”

Ramun Hofmann, CEO and Managing Partner at 89grad:
“The Farner Lab allows today’s clients access to the world of tomorrow. In cooperation with Farner, we combine expert knowledge of marketing and innovation with expertise in new technology. This partnership gives clients a powerful partner with a wealth of experience in implementation for profitable digitalisation.”

The opening event on 29 November is intended for all companies and organisations interested in learning about the new technological opportunities in marketing and communications, and in gaining strategically relevant experiences for the immediate future thanks to innovative pilot projects. If you are interested, sign up online at www.farner.ch/farnerlab-anmeldung.


Urs Bucher, Head of Farner Lab
Phone: 044 266 20 74 | E-mail: urs.bucher@farner.ch


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