Zurich, 14 June 2019 – Farner Consulting takes over a majority share of Zurich-based data and technology agency DU DA GROUP. This move will enable Farner Consulting to combine Switzerland’s most complete communication offering with smart technology and data solutions to create commtech – communication technology.

This digital transformation will enable companies to be closer to their stakeholders – with communications that are more personal and relevant than ever before. As technologies continue to evolve rapidly, many companies need to update their communication systems and their data and technology infrastructures. Until they do this, they can often find themselves in the position of being able to make only limited use of the new opportunities afforded by data-based value creation.

Through the medium of its Farner Lab innovation platform, Farner Consulting translates the far-reaching opportunities of technological change into new communication and marketing applications. The communication agency is now set to team up with Marc van Nuffel’s data and technology agency DU DA, with the aim of merging the areas of communication and technology to create commtech.

“We are bringing DU DA on board in order to find solutions to the data and technology issues faced by many companies today. For more and more client projects, data and technology infrastructure is an obstacle rather than a catalyst. We want to extend our influence beyond the front end, instead supporting entire infrastructures and the processes behind them,” says Daniel Jörg, Partner and Head of Digital Marketing & Research at Farner Consulting.

DU DA – Data & Commtech by Farner

As of 1 July 2019, DU DA will become a part of the Farner Group. DU DA will continue to operate independently in the market under its own name, but will also be clearly positioned in the overall Farner Consulting portfolio. The newly named Farner subsidiary, DU DA – Data & Commtech by Farner, will continue to be headed by Marc van Nuffel. In addition to his role as CEO of DU DA, he will join Farner Consulting in the newly created role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). DU DA’s Board of Management now consists of Farner partner and digital strategist Daniel Jörg, Farner CFO Roland Oberhauser and Marc van Nuffel.

The range of joint data and commtech services on offer includes the development of:

  • Cloud-based data and content infrastructures
  • Integrated marketing automation and personalisation
  • Conversion-optimised websites, apps and experiences
  • Conversational AI and voice (skills and actions for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)
  • Technical SEO
  • Lab prototyping/PoC and MVP
  • Digital marketing transformation consulting

“Data is the new oil, information is gold, interpretation and integration in real-time processes promise success. Those who are prepared to substitute their value chain will come out on top. To enable a truly disruptive and profitable digital transformation for our clients, we need to integrate several disciplines that are not already part of our IT field and require perfect synergies. By joining Farner, we are now in a position to offer our clients this significant added value,” says Marc van Nuffel.

Tailored development and consulting in the digital field

DU DA was founded in 2003 by Marc van Nuffel. The company has made a name for itself over the last two decades as a specialised digital agency for tailor-made development and consulting: from app-based publishing systems for EY’s Tax Magazine, Swisscom and SwissRe, to a wide range of white-label systems for Architonic, MCH and Art Basel, to innovative news and smart content platforms such as Watson, Marché-Mövenpick and we.publish, integrated retail platforms for companies, data-driven e-health advisors such as BurnoutProtector and newly developed databank engines like karma.run. The DU DA team therefore has a sound, practice-based knowledge base that leaves us perfectly poised to create innovative, high-performance, tailored solutions.


Daniel Jörg, Partner, Head of Digital Marketing & Research

Phone: +41 44 266 67 67 | E-mail: joerg@farner.ch


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