The Association of Swiss Automobile Importers, auto-schweiz, is campaigning on behalf of individual mobility in a novel way over the next few weeks. The “Mein AUTOgramm” (My AUTOgraph) campaign uses facts and stories to show that the importance of individual motorised mobility. And this is true whether we’re in our own or someone else’s car, or in combination with other forms of transport; whether as a driver or passenger; whether with petrol, electricity, diesel, gas, hydrogen or any other propulsion technology.

This emotional, integrated communication idea and its implementation was directed by Farner on behalf of auto-schweiz. With “Mein AUTOgramm”, Farner has created a comprehensive portrait of individual mobility as the driving force behind life in Switzerland. The fun, fact-oriented stories flow together on a content hub.

At the centre of the campaign is an eight-part film series with Swiss celebrities who hitchhike across the country with the aim of collecting as many autographs as possible. During the journey, the celebrities and drivers share very personal stories relating to individual mobility. The webisodes can be watched at and are being widely advertised in TV, print and online. A second series with athletes and comedians is scheduled for March.

Contact: Anita Raaflaub

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