Farner is turning the rare wines of the small, exquisite Al Mulinetto winery into a legend: the Al Mulinetto winery, located in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, is sporting a surprisingly artistic image again this year. The artistically independent campaign blends in nicely with the presentation of Al Mulinetto, which has already won umpteen awards.

The dramatisation of the always limited editions of Merlot, Grappa and Nocino features mythological beings. The Merlot, for instance, is said to be as rare as a chance encounter with a dragon. Or the Nochino, at just 450 bottles, is as rare as randomly crossing paths with a sea monster.

The illustrations were painted by the well-known Dutch illustrator Silvan Steenbrink in collaboration with Art Box, Amsterdam. The three motifs are being used as posters and in trade magazines.

Contact: Markus Gut

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