Most companies have been hard hit by the coronavirus crisis. Switzerland responded quickly to mitigate the economic consequences of this crisis. Two key measures were the expansion of the options for short-time working, and the granting of Covid-19 credits quickly and unbureaucratically to protect the liquidity of the affected companies.

This was made possible by swift and sweeping decisions on the part of the authorities, but also by extraordinary commitment on the part of the executing agencies and their service providers.

Farner is one such service provider. Since the Federal Council’s announcement that the Confederation would make loans available to businesses to secure their liquidity, Farner has made a major contribution behind the scenes to the smooth running of the programme at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco). In the past few weeks, a wide array of different disciplines has come into play: strategic consulting, web development, design, copy creation in four languages, illustration, data analysis, data visualisation, monitoring, SEO.

To begin with, Farner created an information page for Covid-19 loan applications and assisted with setting up a help centre. Other tasks involved helping to prepare the credit application forms and making sure that search requests found the information they were looking for so as to take the pressure off SECO’s telephone hotline. Today, the focus is on informing the media and providing protection concepts for companies.

Contact: Tim Frey

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