Farner Branding created a very amusing commercial for the new Lewa Savannah at Zurich Zoo. The best-known Swiss comedy duo Viktor Giacobbo and Mike Müller take the tram to Africa. Thanks to the new African Lewa Savannah, Africa is suddenly so close.

Farner Branding was able to secure the acting talent of Viktor Giacobbo and Mike Müller. The two comedians travel from Zurich Central Station to Africa in just 15 minutes. As they ride the No. 6 tram, Giacobbo/Müller ponder on their journey to Africa. The surprise twist is that they don’t end up in Africa but pay a visit to the new Africa enclosure at the zoo.

The jingle was composed by the well-known musician Marc Sway: an excerpt from his new song, “Lewa Savanna”. The commercials are screened in cinemas and distributed via various online channels.

Zurich Zoo plans to open the African Lewa Savannah on 8 June. It is the largest enclosure in the zoo, with an area of 5.6 hectares. The new enclosure is named after the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, a game reserve supported by Zurich Zoo since 1998. The main focus of the reserve is on measures to combat poaching, wildlife corridors, rhino resettlement and the involvement and

Contact: Markus Gut

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