Abionic is a company that specialises in nanotechnology and develops rapid diagnostic solutions. Founded as a spin-off from EPFL in 2010, the company has developed a screening test for sepsis. This represents a real breakthrough from a medical point of view, as the test makes it possible to diagnose sepsis more than 24 hours earlier than tests performed in the laboratory. Since people with sepsis lose 8% of their chances of survival with every hour that passes, the Abionic test offers promising prospects for public health.

Farner supports Abionic in positioning itself in the media, and also strengthened its presence at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, a globally recognised healthcare symposium.

Working with a team based in New York, Zurich and Lausanne, we developed a media relations strategy that would ensure a global impact as well as a targeted approach to the Swiss market. Relevant news included the integration of the first patients in a clinical trial in the USA and information published on a global distribution platform. This enabled the company to achieve maximum media presence, with media reports in L’Agefi, Handelzeitung, PME Magazine and CQFD, the scientific radio show on RTS La Première.

Contact: Myriam Delouvrier

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