Being a woman makes a difference when it comes to financial planning. Women tend to earn less, work more part-time jobs and live longer than men. And yet women often leave long-term financial decisions to their partner. This is why UBS has launched the Women’s Wealth Academy online portal. We are supporting UBS in the design, implementation and marketing of the portal.

Women’s Wealth Academy focuses on the needs of women in financial matters. Derived from insights based on data, the portal presents specific facts, background information and specific learning content relevant to asset and financial planning.

Advertising for the Women’s Wealth Academy follows a journey model, so that women who are treading a path to more financial participation see the right content at the right time. This is done in a multi-stage process via owned channels and then in a targeted way using search engines and social ads. Behavioural framing effects drawn from behavioural psychology are automatically tested to better understand emotional triggers for effective long-term financial planning.

Contact: Christoph Emch

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