In 2017 Farner Consulting has started specializing in startup communications. The Farner Startup Desk enables young founders to gain more media presence, improve their storytelling and find the best mission statement. Farner even provides startups access to varied, useful partners such as advisors, investors, legal services, corporates and specialists. In order to use these important contacts and connections optimally, business planning and communication between startup and stakeholder has to be structured and professional. Startups often struggle with these tasks. Through the newly arisen partnership with Cuttles, a Danish Startup, Farner is now able to offer clients simple solutions.

Comprehensive and professional business planning is a very time consuming and sometimes daunting work for founders. To set up a successful enterprise not only requires a lot of research, paperwork and working out strategies but also the ability to establish a corporate structure and to communicate professionally with stakeholders.

Founders often lack experience when it comes to communicating with investors or stakeholders. As a result, the exchange is in many cases too unsystematic. The Farner Startup Desk finds the connections often unorganized, irregular in time and only limited to current Problems. To broaden our startup offering, the Startup Desk has been looking for instruments that help young enterprises overcoming entrepreneurial everyday problems and organizing themselves more efficiently.

Through research Farner became aware of the Danish Startup Cuttles, which has developed a extremely useful planning software for startups. Located in Copenhagen, Cuttles supports entrepreneurs with its software and helps developing their business model. The Cuttles solutions help accelerating and at the same time maintaining an overview and control over business processes. Furthermore, the application helps developing, illustrating and communicating ideas and plans professionally. Cuttles and the Farner Startup Desk entered into partnership: Farner Startups are now granted reduced prices for Cuttles products. In return Farner introduces Cuttles to the Swiss market – a win-win situation.

The Cuttles business planning software for startups

For founders, time is infinitely precious. Christian Nicolai Thiesen from Denmark has realized that the work-overloaded task of an entrepreneur can be significantly simplified. Thereupon he developed his own business planning software for startups Cuttles: an effective and intuitive web-based application that guides a startup through all the necessary planning steps whilst helping to improve presenting their business model.

  • Canvas: With the Canvas feature entrepreneurs can zoom in on the parts of their idea that are really important and present their business to investors, stakeholders and potential customers with confidence.
  • Business Plan: The Business Plan feature guides founders through all the steps of writing a professional business plan. Nevertheless, everything can be customized and adjusted to specific needs by creating own sections, drag and drop smart text fields, spreadsheets, charts and tables and delete anything that’s not necessary.
  • Finances: With the Finance feature startups can easily create their budgets, keep track of their runway and present everything professionally. Finances illustrates the overall situation including the break-even point and gives founders advice on how to make their budget sustain itself.
  • Roadmap: Roadmap visualizes and manages the plan of the enterprise. It helps the user setting milestones with a timeline, prioritizing his goals by comparison and rescheduling if necessary. It reminds the user to focus on the important tasks and to monitor the progress.
  • Team: With the „People & Organizations list“ Cuttles founders can create a simple and clear presentation of their team and board, their roles and their invaluable skills. Furthermore, in the shareholder dashboard, users can calculate shares and keep a clear record of how they’re divided.

Cuttles therefore offers many functions of strategic importance, which will also require continuous changes over time. Because of the intuitive user guidance even rather inexperienced early stage startups can easily and efficiently write business plans and deal with other tasks which are usually hard work. Founders then have more time to focus on their core business: “Creating something from nothing is hard. Building a startup requires a huge amount of work and that’s where Cuttles helps. The versatile and well organized startup builder is a solution to many of the problems that entrepreneurs face day by day. It is a must-have for every entrepreneur.“


Christian Nicolai Thiesen

Farner Consulting AG
Roy Müller