To mark Veganuary – ‘vegan January’ – Coop commissioned a study on plant-based diets. The representative report looks at consumers of plant-based substitutes and reveals that they are not strict vegans or vegetarians. Rather, they represent a new type of gourmet: the substitarian.  

Other findings: 

  • Over 40% of respondents expect that, five years from now, they will consume plant-based alternatives more often than they do today. These include oat milk, almond yoghurt, burger and tuna alternatives or cheese substitutes.  
  • Plant-based substitutes are purchased most frequently by young women from urban areas of German-speaking Switzerland and by people aged between 50 and 60.  
  • The over-60s very rarely opt for the substitute products, even though 64% of this age group eat a flexitarian diet. They tend to replace animal products with vegetables or other vegetarian foods.  
  • Substitarians have a healthier shopping basket: on average, they buy less alcohol and chocolate, but more vegetables and fruit. 

 Our Brand Communications team actively supported Coop in the concept development for this project and handled the implementation of the content and design. 

To the Coop Plant-Based Food Report 2021.  

Contact: Nina Krucker