Making a decisive impact with real-time campaigning in the heated final round of the health insurance referendum

Alliance Santé

Yvonne Wohler

Yvonne Wohler


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Switzerland’s voting public had already rejected the single health insurance system three times. A new referendum follows after several years of campaigning – and experience shows that it’s precisely this final stage that proves especially tricky. So how do you secure the result in spite of all the intensive work during the run-up?

Strategy & solution

We reach the target groups in real time via our newly created real-time campaigning module. While the SRF Arena broadcast is still on air, we carefully post arguments and key messages from the TV debate on Twitter.


Five of the ten most effective Tweets on the broadcast come from us. Our real-time Tweets appear 10,000 times in the timelines of influencers and got 879 reactions. On 28 September 2014, 62% of the voting public rejects the introduction of the single health insurance system; 22 cantons vote against the popular initiative.