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Quand l'intelligence artificielle s'allie au développement durable


The AI for Good Global Summit is one of the world’s largest conferences focused on Artificial Intelligence.  Created by the International Telecommunication Union, the Summit advances the Sustainable Development Goals  by developing cprojects to address global societal and economic problems using AI.  Farner was asked to position the ITU as key convener of thought leaders in the AI community – and to raise awareness of the broader role of the ITU outside of the telecom arena.


We organised a pre-event roundtable in London, with speakers from PwC, the UN, Microsoft, and XPRIZE.  As the roundtable was attended by the Economist, the BBC, the Financial Times, ComputerWorld and Wired, significant awareness was raised around the Summit itself. We secured  attendance of 36 global news organisations: BBC, Le Temps, Xinhua, Bilan, CNN, China Central TV, Radio France, L’Agefi, and organised the press conference to start the Summit, and several media interviews during the event.


Significant coverage was attained in key business media such as CNN, Forbes, the BBC, Le Temps, SciTech Europa and BILAN.