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You want your change to lead to success. Whether it’s restructuring, introducing new processes or transforming your corporate culture – every change must be understood individually and approached in an integrated manner.

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Tanja Passow

Tanja Passow

Member of Senior Management, Unit Lead Change Communication & Management

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Defining & Refining Change

The first step is to establish a clear and shared understanding of the direction and goal of any change. We support you in that process and help to break down the goals into smaller ones or adjust them as you move forwards.

Defining change

Defining new structures and processes

corporate culture analysis

development of change stories



A sound analysis – both internal and external – represents an investment in the quality of the change you are making. We deliver relevant knowledge and insights at every stage to get your change on the right track and keep it there.

market & competition analyses

Media Monitoring & Surveys

Evaluation & impact reports


Leading Change

We support top management in their role as drivers and leaders of change. This helps them to set the course and lead by example.

developing your change story

management positioning

management conferences & meetings


Communicating Change

You want to get your internal and external target groups behind the change. We work with you to develop a convincing change story, formulate central messages and KPIs within the communications concept and define suitable measures.

Change communications concepts

arguments and Q&As

Executive Communications


Enabling Change

We help you to be aware of obstacles in your path towards change. By examining and adjusting relevant systems and processes, you prepare the ground for a genuine change in behaviour.

evaluation of systems and processes

implementation workshops

supporting the project management office

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