Closer to build trust

Continuous transformation and the complex world of everyday communication and media call for a new approach. We need to be close – to people, to issues, to markets, and to the social and political context. Only then can we see what is vital and be relevant, differentiating and impactful. Always with one goal in mind: to create relationships and build trust that moves and inspires companies, brands, people’s lives and society.


Closer to make co-creation happen

Closer means that successful communication can only happen jointly and across disciplines: if we want to navigate complexity, we must have everything in our field of vision – away from a silo mentality and modus operandi and towards an all-encompassing and holistic view. We call that co-creation. It is what drives interaction between the specialised teams in the agency and shapes our customer relationships.


Closer to inspire people and shape perceptions

Companies, organisations and their brands are complex social systems which gain or lose reputation on every interaction with their environment. Trust can only grow in that process through quality relationships and closeness. Market success thus lies in the ability to build and look after relationships. But it is only radically relevant content, on-point communication ideas, and inspiring stories that have the necessary driving force. And if any of those are to be heard, read and experienced, they must come with some benefit. Why? Because in today’s media world enforced attention no longer works. They all require communication to be structured in such a way that people are inspired to inspire others, all built around interaction.