The area of Public Relations concerned with political topics is known as Public Affairs (PA). PA mandates can include lobbying as part of their activities. Lobbying is defined as follows:

„Lobbying refers to the process whereby representatives of interest groups or companies attempt to influence and/or gain information from representatives of the state who are involved in the political decision-making process (executive, legislature, judiciary).“

Blümle, Ernst-Bernd (1987): Lobby. In: Görres-Gesellschaft (Hrsg.): Staatslexikon. Bd. 3 (7. Auflage) (Sp. 929–932). Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder.

As one of Switzerland’s leading Public Affairs agencies, Farner is committed to lobbying transparency and has set down rules to be observed in this area in its own Code of Conduct. Employees responsible for PA mandates that involve lobbying activities in accordance with the above definition must declare their mandates. (See the list below, which is updated on a quarterly basis).

Lobbying mandates as at: March 2023 [PDF]