Agile Transformation Communication

Julius Bär

Tanja Passow

Tanja Passow

Member of Senior Management, Unit Lead Change Communication & Management

Jasmin Rohrbacher

Jasmin Rohrbacher

Change Consultant

Thore Lingel

Thore Lingel

Senior Change Consultant

The challenge

Julius Baer is the leading Swiss wealth management group and a premium brand in this global sector, with a focus on servicing and advising sophisticated private clients. To improve client satisfaction the bank wants to become more agile when collaborating internally and externally.

In 2021 Julius Baer decided to implement a staggered agile transformation of selected parts of the organization with pilot projects. Learnings from these pilots shall be used to potentially scale up the agile transformation across the bank. To successfully do so, a transparent communication about the goals and changes based on the agile transformation was key. However, the messaging, the link to the recently launched “purpose” campaign and the roadmap for the ongoing project communication were not yet defined. Farner was tasked with strategic and operational support in the areas of change communication and project management to make sure that all employees get the information they need.

The solution

Farner supported Julius Baer’s Group Comms team in the development of the key messaging, the change story, a bank-wide communication concept as well as operational support aligned with the relevant internal stakeholders. In this role Farner made sure that all communication activities around agile in the bank were in line with the overall concept and messaging as well as adapted to the different needs of the internal target groups. The overall change communication priorities thereby were:

  • Defining key communicators and ensure their visibility
  • Shifting from information only to interaction and dialogue
  • Centralizing key agile content
  • Aligning communication activities more closely
  • Supporting change management activities

The success

In a structured process and by involving all relevant stakeholders, we succeeded in translating the goals, measures and effects of the agile transformation into a story that provides orientation for all employees no matter if they were directly or indirectly affected by the change. The key messages of the change story then were incorporated in all important communication measures.

We would like to thank Farner for the great energetic and conceptual support in our agile project. Thanks to their experience, holistic view and proposed measures, it was possible to bring order and governance into the project and to put the different streams and initiatives into a meaningful relationship with each other.

Jan Vonder Muehll

Head Corporate Communications Julius Baer