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Campaigning Experts

Make an impact right at the source of today’s opinions and decisions. Convince your target group with a data-based, integrated campaign. One that’s provided by a single source, local and dialogue-focused – with creative ideas that work both online and off.

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What we do for you


Analyses & Insights

Our data gives you insights into what matters in Switzerland and the way specific target groups think. Working on this basis, we then build strategies.

stakeholder analysis & audits

media & political agenda monitoring

Issue Monitoring & Influencer Mapping



Explore new ways of motivating and inspiring people with your campaign design. A successful campaign today is an integrated campaign, with creative ideas and content that work online and off.

Strategy consulting & coaching

Public Affairs & Influencer Relations

SEM/SEO including A/B testing

Social Media Marketing & Multimedia production



We use data-driven analyses to continually monitor, adapt and realign the tools, messages, tone and visual impact of a campaign.

Real-Time Marketing

Public Relations

Community Management

Issue Management & Crisis Communications



Win the trust of people in local regions, and among the audiences you are familiar with. That’s why we implement your campaigns where decisions are really made. And we do so locally and in dialogue – with targeted and tailored messages.

localised targeting

regionally adapted arguments

local media relations

regional implementation via the Swiss Campaigning Network

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