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Political and administrative processes are multi-layered and embedded in complex networks of relationships. This makes analysing the relevant political stakeholders and maintaining relationships with them challenging. It’s what we do, every day – and perhaps soon for you, too?

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Michel Grunder

Michel Grunder


Jessica Zuber

Jessica Zuber


Thomas Huggler

Thomas Huggler

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If you want politicians to understand your business or an issue that concerns you, you need the right connections. We facilitate and coordinate the development and maintenance of a relevant network of politicians with government and parliamentary responsibility.

analysis of the political and regulatory environment

issues-relevant strategy and action planning

relationship building with relevant contacts



Are you finding it hard to navigate the regulatory environment? We can help you: thanks to our many years of experience, we can quickly analyse your current situation and the challenges you face. We optimise your interactions with regulators and administrative authorities.

expertise in dealing with authorities

improving interaction on both sides

coaching & intimate knowledge of processes

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