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As a young company, you need to find your voice. When you tell a story that captures people’s imaginations, you become visible and your idea can grow into a business.

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Dr. Daniel Heller

Dr. Daniel Heller

Partner, Vice-Chairman, Head of Innovation Board & Startup Desk


What we do for you


Business Support & Investor Relations

Your business idea should be short and to the point, your product should tell a captivating story and your website should be professionally developed. We offer you all these services from a single source and bring you closer to investors, customers and the best employees.

business plan and mission statement

Corporate Design/Corporate Identity

basic document development and production

Investor Relations

presence and media training


Go-To-Market & Sales

We put together a multidisciplinary team of consultants for you that includes experts from a wide variety of sectors, e.g. healthcare/pharma, e-commerce/new economy, ICT/Industry 4.0, fintech, blockchain technology and ICO.

communication and marketing concepts

mentoring programme

Stakeholder Management

competition and market analysis

media relations & public relations

organising road shows


Organisational culture & organisational development

A young company grows organically and often chaotically – which can put a strain on processes and structures. We are here to support you as you develop your organisation.

organisational development

Employer Branding

organisational audits

development and consulting relating to organisational culture


Network and relationship building

Through us, you have access to an extensive network in the fields of business and politics, both nationally and internationally.

public affairs & political consulting

access to our political and business network

cooperation with our agency network

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