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If you have a political issue that concerns you, it needs to convince people at the interface of politics, business and society. Success depends on its acceptance by the relevant stakeholders.

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Michel Grunder

Michel Grunder


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Whether it’s an election or a referendum, a legal change or a construction project: you need acceptance and approval for your political issue. We guide you throughout the political process – in a way that’s quantifiable and free of waste coverage – and we do so at the regional, cantonal and national levels.


Governmental Relations

Government relations complements campaigning work, serving as a pre-campaign and parliamentary process. Through our wide network of contacts, we connect you with administrative authorities, commissions and factions and get the people who make the decisions to listen to your concerns.


Issue & Crisis Management

Your reputation determines how close you are to your relevant stakeholder groups. Professional crisis management enables you to minimise potential damage, communicate transparently and credibly, and effectively safeguard your reputation.

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