Public Affairs1 Forming majorities and getting results

We can lend forceful support to businesses, organizations, movements and political parties. We help shape the complex social and political environment by sounding out opinions and forming majorities. Our leading specialists become part of a concerted effort spanning an entire political process, to achieve impressive results. We have robust networks, creativity, cutting-edge technological developments and broad-based expertise at our disposal.

What we offer


  • Contact programs in politics & administration 
  • Agenda setting 
  • KOL events 
  • Strategic political consulting 
  • Lobbying strategies 
  • Stakeholder management 


  • Creation, design and realization of custom communication concepts  
  • Development of narratives and framing 
  • Agenda setting 
  • Storydoing (creation of media events) & storypitching 
  • Media & public awareness campaigns 
  • Branded opinion 
  • Classic PR work & regular communications 


  • Strategies for election and referendum campaigns 
  • Community management 
  • Data-based segmentation 
  • Digital campaigning & performance marketing 
  • Campaign strategies 
  • Development of narratives & framing 
  • Campaign management 
  • Political texting and ghostwriting  
  • Training, workshops and courses 
  • Strategic consulting & coaching 
  • Creation

Public affairs management 

  • Integrated public affairs & regulatory consulting 
  • Policy assessments 
  • Systematic political and regulatory monitoring 
  • Strategy audits 
  • Introduction to Switzerland’s political landscape  
  • 24/7 call-out service 
  • Field analysis & audits


Lobbying transparency
As one of Switzerland’s leading Public Affairs agencies, Farner is committed to lobbying transparency and has set down rules to be observed in this area in its own Code of Conduct. Employees responsible for PA mandates that involve lobbying activities in accordance with the above definition must declare their mandates. (See the list below, which is updated on a quarterly basis).

Lobbying mandates as at: avril 2024 [PDF]