AI-generated images are the future



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Innovation is key to staying ahead. Artificial intelligence has fundamentally changed the possibilities for producing visual content.

Why AI-generated images?

  • Unlimited creativity: With AI, we have endless possibilities to create unique and creative images and illustrations.
  • Alternative to stock images: A photoshoot isn’t always the right fit. Instead of using replaceable stock images, AI-generated images are a quick and cost-efficient alternative. There are no dependencies on seasons, weather and licence fees.
  • Consistency: AI ensures that every image is consistent and of high quality. Once the image style is defined, it is easy to generate additional on-brand images.
  • Uniqueness: Many brands use the same stock images on the same topics over and over again. AI images are not only affordable, but also more unique than classic stock images.

Our offerings:

Corporate imagery 

We define corporate imagery and design specific images. We then realise these corporate images with AI.

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  • Farner AI Angebot_Beispiele

Image series

For editorials, brochures or simple image series, we conceptualise images and implement these ideas with AI as photos or illustrations.

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  • Farner AI Angebot_Beispiele
  • Farner AI Angebot_Beispiele

Single images

We conceptualise image ideas for individual key visuals and implement these ideas as photos or illustrations with AI.

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  • Farner AI Angebot_Beispiele

Videos made from static images

With AI, we develop short videos from static images.