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MADE VISIBLE® | Touring Club Schweiz raises awareness among young adults with a Tik Tok Challenge for the increased risk of accidents during the dark months.

In 2022, street lighting was reduced in many places due to the tense energy situation. Therefore, this winter, the dark months were even darker than usual – and the risk of accidents increased even more. Youngsters and young adults are particularly concerned: compared to other age groups, they are often on the road at night by bicycle or on foot and are therefore more exposed to risks of road traffic.

The Touring Club Switzerland tackled this problem with “MADE VISIBLE”, its lifestyle prevention brand for improved visibility and safety in road traffic. A spectacular dance video was produced along with professional dancer and influencer Alanah Moergeli. Three dance moves are at the heart of the choreography, which can be copied on TikTok as #ShineOutChallenge and offer – when performed with reflective clothing – unique images.

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The music for the challenge was composed by the musician Jonathan C. Meier.

Responsible at TCS: Barbara Sutter, Christophe Nydegger, Audrey Faure,
Veronika Tamfal, Adrian Suter

Responsible at Farner:
Philipp Skrabal, Irena Grunder, Mathias Kröbl,
Manuel Jordi, Lisa Widmer, Rebecca Kessler (Blueglass)

Responsible at Shining:
Stefan Bircher, Dimitri Siegrist, Sven Probst,
Stéphane Kraji, Lauren Isabel Fuhrimann, Dunja Schwery, Celia Benoni, Lukas
Graf, Nicolas Bechtel, Simon Hardegger

Jonathan C. Meier

Light/Camera Equipment and Grip:
Alex Herzog/BLOWUP-Studio, Eberle Filmequipment

TCS Training & Freizeit AG Zentrum Betzholz

Choreography and dance:
Alanah Moergeli

Samuel Jordenkhangsar, Venance Gwladys, Ismael Lorenzo, Lisa Perissinotto