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Bank Cler Activating the new brand


In spring 2018, Bank Coop became Bank Cler. We supported the rebranding in the areas of media and investor relations, social media and internal brand activation. 

The key challenge was to optimize the content and timing of communications to different target groups – and to involve managers and employees at an early stage without risking external leaks.


We focused on clear, timely information, genuine dialogue, and emotional experiences. A central set of messages ensured consistent content. Managers were empowered and supported with targeted pre-information and management kits for the internal roll-out. 

Furthermore, a cascade of brand activation workshops – carried out with a train-the-trainer approach – ensured that every employee experienced the new brand before the official launch.

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Managers were not only enthusiastic about the unveiling of the new brand – but also appreciated being well prepared for critical questions. Employees felt that they have been well-informed by the workshops and showed a positive attitude towards the change. 

As a result, the new “Bank Cler” brand could rely on a broad internal support for its external launch.

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