Farner: New partners from within its own ranks



Six long-standing members of the management team are joining Farner's circle of partners. The new partners - Christoph Emch, Toby Felder, Irena Grunder, Tanja Passow, Kurt Rossi, and Evelyn Ruckstuhl - reflect the diversity of communications disciplines at Switzerland's most complete agency.

This January, Farner unveiled its growth ambitions in Switzerland- and throughout Europe: The broad offering of Public Affairs, Corporate Communications, Marketing Communications, Branding, Change as well as Commtech will be expanded and complemented in terms of content as well as regionally.

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Six new partners from six disciplines
With Christoph Emch (Unit Lead Digital), Toby Felder (Unit Lead Brand Communication), Irena Grunder (Unit Lead Bern and Public Sector), Tanja Passow (Unit Lead Change), Kurt Rossi (Unit Lead Technology & Industry) and Evelyn Ruckstuhl (Unit Co-Lead Finance & Healthcare), Farner underlines its ambitions as the most complete agency in Switzerland also in the partner circle.

From the circle of long-standing executives
The new partners are part of the long-standing management team and are responsible for the operational management of their units. "We are very pleased to be able to expand the circle of partners from within our own ranks. Evelyn, Irena, Tanja, Christoph, Kurt and Toby have been key drivers of Farner's success story and important pillars of Farner for years," says Pablo Koerfer, Co-CEO of Farner Consulting Switzerland. The six new members expand the circle of existing partners: Regula Bührer, Nina Krucker, Karin Ryser, Roman Geiser, Michel Grunder, Markus Gut, Daniel Heller, Daniel Jörg, Pablo Koerfer, Urs Knapp, David Schärer, Philipp Skrabal and Martin Zahner.

"With the new members, our circle of partners is getting younger, more interdisciplinary and even closer to the needs of the market. We look forward to setting the strategic course for the future together with them," explains Michel Grunder, Co-CEO of Farner.