Au Park Innovative building project on Lake Zurich


A unique and innovative construction project, the Au Park, is to be built directly on the shores of Lake Zurich in the next few years.

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As one of the most expensive residential areas in the world, the area around Lake Zurich is best known for its expensive and exclusive building projects, most of which are unaffordable for the majority of the region’s population. Au Park is not only a more affordable option, but also directly addresses a younger and more diverse target group. Au Park is characterised by its architectural diversity and focuses on bringing together different types of housing and concepts. The brand identity and design reflect this uniqueness.

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A particular challenge was to develop a consistent and coherent brand that managed to appeal to a very broad target group of tenants, buyers, investors and the public sector. We created a concise visual toolbox that would communicate Au Park as a diverse, innovative and natural place in a prime location for several years.

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