Tezos Foundation Brand Design and Biannual Reports


The Tezos Foundation invests in projects to further develop the open source Tezos Blockchain system. The Biannual Report provides all stakeholders with a regular update on the Foundation’s activities and projects.



We conducted a strategy and positioning process, which resulted in a brand redesign. The Tezos Foundation publishes a biannual report, each dedicated to a specific focus topic and translated into numerous languages.


Biannual Report September 2021

The September 2021 biannual focuses on the ecological aspect of the Tezos blockchain and compares the energy consumption of Tezos transactions with that of other well-known blockchains.

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Biannual Report March 2021

The biannual of March 2021 focuses on the Tezos update “Edo”. All Tezos updates have old city names like Athens, Babylon or Carthage. Edo is the former name of the Japanese capital Tokyo.

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Biannual Report March 2022

The March 2022 biannual is all about the innovative Tezos NFT platforms hic et nunc and Objkt.com. The independent look of the platforms served as inspiration for the design of the report. The hic et nunc platform has attracted many creative artists, and selected works and artists from the community are presented in the report.
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