PostFinance PowerCoins: playfully accelerating strategic change


How do you quickly but sustainably raise awareness of change and culture among more than 3,500 employees across Switzerland? How do you move from “talking about change” to a tangible change in behaviour?  

These were critical questions for PostFinance, as market pressure and increasing digitalisation demanded new behaviours from everyone. 


We developed a gamification approach that accelerated change on a personal level. Our solution implemented behavioural insights in a playful way: Employees award PowerCoins to colleagues in which they observe clearly defined “new” behaviours.  

The individual and company-wide development was visualised as a currency exchange rate and reinforced with a targeted content campaign. 


Just three weeks after the launch, the PowerCoins had 1,000 active users – a third of the workforce. The topics of change and culture were on everyone’s lips, and the “Culture” intranet page was visited disproportionately often.  

In the next step, participation in relevant in-house training courses were also rewarded with “PowerCoins”.