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laRegione The true courier of ticino


There are two daily newspapers that dominate in Ticino – laRegione and Corriere del Ticino. Although, Corriere del Ticino has been the market leader for a long time, the two dailies now roughly share the same readership. While laRegione leads the market north of the Ceneri, Corriere del Ticino leads the market south of the Ceneri.

laRegione – under the leadership of a new editor-in-chief – has worked hard on the quality of its newspaper in recent years. The content seems much cooler compared to the competitor and leaves more room for debate and dialogue.

A campaign that is causing a stir in the rather sleepy canton of Ticino is now set to make laRegione the overall market leader – north and south of the Ceneri.


Our creative team comes up with the idea: “THE TRUE COURIER OF TICINO”.

With this new campaign, the Ticino daily laRegione is courting readers in the south of the Ticino. laRegione confidently presents itself as the true courier of the Ticino and confronts its main competitor with a direct wink.

The Ticino daily newspaper laRegione has undergone a major transformation in recent years. Under the leadership of the new editor-in-chief, Daniel Ritzer, there is now more room for different opinions, debate and dialog. This brings the newspaper closer to topics that really move people in Ticino. In addition, the newspaper’s digital offering has been greatly expanded.

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With the new campaign, laRegione conveys this new self-image and presents itself as the true Ticino Courier. Self-confidently, laRegione calls itself “Corriere del Mendrisiotto” or “Corriere del Luganese”. Rocco Salvioni, CEO of laRegione, explains: “We want to be the most important journalistic voice in the canton, a newspaper in which even unpleasant topics have a place. We want to convince our readers of this with our campaign. At the same time, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to challenge our main competitor with this claim.”

laRegione is therefore also read by people who like to think outside the box. North of the Ceneri, laRegione is traditionally very well established; in the south, however, the newspaper still sees potential to reach a larger readership. In the words of Salvioni: “laRegione doesn’t just want to be the “Corriere di Bellinzona”, but also the “Corriere del Mendrisiotto”, “Corriere del Luganese”, as well as “Corriere delle idee” and “Corriere indipendente”. It is precisely this spirit that the campaign is intended to convey.”