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SBB Showdown of the most passionate craftspeople


Anyone transporting 840’000 people every day and operating 33’000 signals, 13’000 points and 3’000 kilometers of rail network needs besides powerline technicians, electricians, telematics engineers – and many more skilled craftsmen.

But: often tradespeople are not even aware that these jobs exist at SBB. The aim was to turn this around and to present the jobs in a catchy way.


As craftspeople rather prove their talents than read or talk about them, Switzerland’s first Craftsmanship Challenge was launched. Participants compete against each other in various trades under the guidance of SBB experts and prove what they are capable of.

The best and most impressive moments can be watched in a web series of six episodes on 20Minuten and


Around 300’000 page views were registered on 20 Minuten alone. The six episodes generated an average of about 43’000 hits during their 72-hour runtime – a figure well above the 20 Minuten benchmark.

Also, in terms of dwell time and CTA clicks, the SBB Craftsmanship Challenge also performed well above common benchmarks. And shows: The reality format hit the target group straight to the heart.