Skyguide und Farner

Skyguide Leadership communication training


As a leading air traffic control company, skyguide is subject to constant change. The newly launched strategy has now to be communicated to the entire staff and put into practice.

The company's managers play a main role in this process. They must transmit the strategy to their teams and demonstrate its relevance to their daily business. For the managers to carry out their role as opportunity brokers and ambassadors optimally, they are to be trained in effective leadership communication.

Skyguide und Farner Workshop
Skyguide und Farner Workshop


All Skyguide managers leading at least one person were trained in groups of 10 people at most. The training combined communication theory and business practice so that the theoretical input could be applied straight to the challenges of daily business. The objectives of the training were:

  • Consolidation of understanding of how good leadership communication can support change
  • Reflecting on the manager's role as a key communicator and facilitator of change
  • Reflection on everyone’s individual communication style
  • Learning how high-level strategic information can be translated into concrete messages for the team


By getting together people from middle management, executive board and internal communications in the training sessions, all participants were able to benefit from the exchange of know-how. Furthermore, all managers were given the opportunity to speak, to present, to train and get feedback from their colleagues and from communications experts on their presentation and communication style.

To apply the knowledge gained from the training into daily business life, all participants wrote a letter to themselves at the end of the training in which they noted their most important learnings. The letter was sent to them a month later by the HR department to achieve an activation beyond the training day.