Swiss Army Independent brand separate from the federal administration


The Swiss Armed Forces, an institution of national importance and tradition, must once again become tangible for the Swiss population. It must achieve an identity with values and attitudes that strengthen the connection to the population again. Farner supported the army in defining and implementing its brand personality, clearly communicating its values and qualities and establishing a stronger connection with the citizens of Switzerland.

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Farner’s aim was to anchor a relevant, clearly recognisable and lasting positive image in the minds of internal and external stakeholders. This includes the design of a new logo, a suitable font, a memorable claim and pictograms that embody the army’s values. A layout principle ensures that the visual communication is consistent and that the message of the Swiss Armed Forces is conveyed clearly and attractively.

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The new brand identity of the Swiss Armed Forces, with logo, font, claim ‘Defends’ and pictograms, embodies the newly developed basic attitude: pride, discipline, comradeship and competence. The logo, inspired by the Swiss symbol of Helvetia, symbolises protection. The chosen font radiates seriousness. The claim emphasises team spirit, the pictograms show versatility. The grid system symbolises precision, discipline and structure – just like the Swiss army.