UBS Women’s Wealth Academy


UBS launches the Women’s Wealth Academy – an online platform for wealth and financial planning specifically for women that empowers, advises and supports them.

An interdisciplinary team with expertise in digital, branding and corporate communication takes on the challenge of visually realising and marketing this online platform.

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UBS’s Women’s Wealth Academy, an initiative of the Wealth Management Switzerland segment, focuses on the requirements and needs of women in the area of finance. The platform contains facts, background information and specific learning content on the topic of wealth and financial planning derived from data-based insights.

Within the strict UBS brand guidelines, a design concept had to be developed that would make the content platform and its content visually recognisable and clustered. The solution lies in an independent, easily scalable collage imagery with which even abstract financial topics can be communicated emotionally and in the use of an independent palette of UBS colours.

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The Women’s Wealth Academy is marketed by rolling it out to existing customers, activating it via owned channels and then targeting it via search engine and social ads in a multi-stage process.

The promotion of the Women’s Wealth Academy follows a journey model so that women see the right content at the right time on their way to greater financial participation. Behavioural framings derived from behavioural psychology are automatically tested in order to better understand emotional triggers for sustainable financial planning. At the same time, UBS is pursuing a long-term SEO approach in the conception and implementation of the content.