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UBS Switzerland Together towards more growth – From entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs looking for concrete insights and expertise on the topic of business growth rarely find what they are looking for. But it is precisely such entrepreneurial stories that can help other entrepreneurs to lead their own business to more growth. UBS has therefore set itself the goal of creating a service in the digital space to specifically cover this need.

Solution & outcome

In summer 2021, we launched UBS Growth Talks. These offer directly applicable tips and valuable support on the topic of business growth. The highlight of the series is the high-quality video format “UBS Growth Talk”, which is unique in its kind. The project’s content hub offers further exciting content in various formats.

Within one year, 7 talks were produced, reaching 1.1 million video views within the target group and more than 400 qualified leads resulting from the content series. Further Talks follow in the course of 2022.