BLS Strategiekommunikation


The new Strategy 2030+ had to be communicated to all employees and managers. Appropriate ways and measures needed to be found to reach a large number of people throughout the organization, emotionally and content wise. A particular challenge was to make a connection to the previously introduced compass for collaboration and leadership.​​

Farner helped with the concept, stakeholder involvement and implementation during the launch and initial activation phase.

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Based on the strategy story developed by BLS and the existing communication concept, an easy-to-use visualization of the core elements of the strategy was developed in close co-creation. 

Following physical management events and online employee events, posters and steles draw attention to the new strategy. 

Later, the employees themselves voted for a giveaway which served as a physical reminder of the new strategy as well.

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Thanks to the close collaboration between BLS and Farner, the management events with interactive workshops and panel discussions received consistently positive feedback.​​

The playful voting for a giveaway was very well received by the employees. Several divisions adopted the visualization for their own strategic topics.