Farner extends Behavioral Science Expertise with Affective Advisory



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From left to right: Daniel Seyffardt, Judith Wagner, Michel Grunder, Dr. Laura Fontanesi, Torben Emmerling, Laura Castro, Daniel Jörg (Fotograf: Nathan Beck)

As a full-service communications and consulting firm, Farner believes that human behavior must be comprehensively understood and targeted to induce longterm change. By merging with Affective Advisory, leading behavioral science consultancy in the DACH region, clients from all disciplines gain specialized access to the latest insights and solutions from the behavioral sciences. The experts around Torben Emmerling, Founder & Managing Partner of Affective Advisory, introduce evidence-based methods of Behavioral Science and extend Farner's longstanding ambitions in this field.

As part of its growth strategy, Farner is expanding its own range of behavioral science and evidence-based consulting services throughout Switzerland and Europe. After the video agency Yoveo, the NextGen marketing agency jim & jim and the digital agency BlueGlass, the consulting firm Affective Advisory now joins Farner within a year.

Scientific evidence as a basis for a successful approache of target groups
Human behavior is highly complex and depends on context: We want to do one thing and yet cannot refrain from doing something else. The reason for this often lies in the subconscious. "We communication specialists want one thing above all: to successfully approach and motivate the behavior of our addressees. Whether in marketing communication or in public campaigns. Therefore, we need to understand what makes people tick - consciously and subconsciously. Thanks to the systematic approach of the driving forces of human behavioral, we can raise the impact of measures to a new level with even the smallest adjustments," explains Daniel Jörg, Chief Innovation Officer at Farner, who has played a key role in pressing ahead with the behavioral marketing at Farner over the years.

Achieving real change with responsible behavioral design
Whether addressing the climate crisis or promoting public health, many of society's most pressing challenges call for rapid and effective behavior change. Innovative strategy and communication programs based on behavioral, through private and public sector initiatives, can make a significant contribution. "We are very pleased to have Affective Advisory, one of the world's leading behavioral science consulting firms, newly on board at Farner. Torben Emmerling and his team not only have an impressive scientific background and treasure trove of methods from behavioral and social research, but are also opinion leaders on issues all about the responsible use of behavioral science in the field," ranks Michel Grunder, Co-CEO of Farner.

Torben Emmerling leads the sector of behavioral sciences as Chief Behavioral Officer
Affective Advisory's Founder and Managing Partner Torben Emmerling also takes on the role as Farner's Chief Behavioral Officer, expanding Farner's evidence-based strategy consulting offering across agencies in Switzerland and internationally. "We transform scientific evidence and methodologies into effective strategies and measures for companies, public organizations and policy actors to achieve positive behavior change. Our unique expertise in sound practice-relevant experiments further enables us to understand which measures are truly effective. At Farner, we can now apply this expertise in an integrated way across the entire agency," explains Torben Emmerling. "The merger of Farner and Affective Advisory in Switzerland and Europe offers clients real added value and great development potential for us and the entire field, which we are very excited about." Torben Emmerling turns Partner in Team Farner and member of Senior Management.