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Schweizerische Post Four years of joint development and change


2019 Swiss Post’s reputation suffered because of the PostBus scandal. The approximately 200 employees of “K” are anxious after a reorganization and a lengthly phase of interim management.

It was important to quickly provide orientation both internally and externally. The aim was clear: to reorganize one of the largest communications departments in Switzerland and make it the most effective.

Post und Farner


Over a period of four years, Farner supported the Head of Communications and his management team in the transformation of the communications division “K”.

Some examples:

  • the reorganization of the entire communications team
  • the subsequent reorganization of a team within “K”
  • in the development of a “target image” for the “K” division
  • in the organization of participative processes incl. workshops and retreats


The reorganization was implemented quickly and went live after 7 months. Since then, structural and cultural changes have been introduced on an ongoing basis. 

The targeted involvement of management and staff helped to drive the change process forward. The results of regular employee surveys and reputation measurements confirmed the success.