Schweizerischer Nationalfonds und Farner Branding

Swiss National Fund Redesign of the brand


The Swiss National Fund (SNF) is the most important Swiss institution for the promotion of scientific research. It promotes it at universities – from physics to medicine to sociology.

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The SNF promotes basic research in all scientific disciplines on behalf of the federal government. It assesses research proposals submitted by scientists and supports projects selected according to scientific criteria. By awarding scholarships and contributions, the SNF is committed to supporting young scientists.

We developed and implemented the new brand design. The new brand image combines the aspects of "Swiss origin", "promote and develop" and "international networking" in a strong and striking mark. We built an extensive digital brand platform for the SNF and worked in close collaboration with the client on the website, strategy brochure and various brand assets.

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To deploy the new strategy internally, we developed a strategy brochure, with the four strategic elements as a poster on its back cover.

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