Branding12 When a brand becomes your calling card

How do we reach target groups? By using a dedicated team of experts to find a nuanced definition of the brand identity, then formulating a brand promise that hits the spot. From brand positioning and naming to developing and rolling out every aspect of your brand, our approach is about more than just a branding journey.

Our integrated approach creates lasting brand experiences, whether in the digital or physical world. We build individual and personal requirements into our projects and cover every area of the brand experience.


What we offer

  • Brand reputation analysis
  • Brand architecture definition
  • Industry, market & target group analysis
  • Brand identity & positioning
  • Definition of value proposition, purpose, vision & mission
  • Brand story
  • Naming / logo development
  • Corporate design (typography, color/visual worlds, key visuals, infographics, motion, UX, UI design & illustrations)
  • Website design
  • Frontify online brand manual