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Strategic legal communications relies on specialist legal expertise, a perfectly tailored strategy, comprehensive stakeholder mapping and streamlined, agile implementation that goes beyond the core services of classic PR.

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Rapid response & monitoring (online/offline)

Rigorous media monitoring keeps you informed and aware of potential risks at all times. In crisis situations that involve legal implications, we take care of active and reactive outward communications on your behalf, around the clock if necessary.

media monitoring & risk identification

media & presence training

defining language use

media relations

24/7 call-out service & rapid reaction team


Media Relations & Public Relations

Based on our legal expertise and many years of experience in strategic legal communications, we devise a content and strategy concept that is tailored to your requirements. Whether communicating in traditional media and/or social media, we support you in court cases, arbitration or administrative proceedings.

key messages & strategy online and offline

media relations & community management


Media Contacts

Prominent cases can attract far-reaching media coverage. That’s why maintaining active contact with the media is indispensable. We take care of communications for you in these kinds of situations. Thanks to the services of our specialised media contacts, we make sure that the tone is right for your target group, get the media listening and take care of client positioning.

agenda setting in relevant media

establishing and operating a media office

contact work

media monitoring & analysis


Public Affairs

Choosing the right communicative strategy can help to determine the outcome of a legal dispute. We support you in your dealings with administrative and legal authorities and increase our clients’ scope of action.

political consulting

lobbying & networking support

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