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From acquisitions to site relocations and closures to classic reorganizations, we support you with your structural change process, ensuring that you initiate it at the right time and achieve your goal successfully with authentic communications.

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Tanja Passow

Tanja Passow

Member of Senior Management, Unit Lead Change Communication & Management

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Communication planning and implementation

The communications that accompany a structural change must be integrated into the project planning from the outset. By coordinating the measures you take in a targeted way and ensuring credibility of your messages, you will win the trust of all important internal and external stakeholders and protect or even enhance your reputation.

Strategic advice

Stakeholder mapping

Media, online, and social analyses

Communication concepts and planning

Leadership support

Story line, core messages, Q&A

Master presentations and white papers


Change Management

A carefully thought-out change management process encourages collaboration in the preparation phase and optimizes the implementation process. Our broad-based methodological expertise and long-standing experience ensure that we fully utilize the potential of all stakeholders involved in the process – from the management to the employees, from new owners to the parent company, from the media to politicians.

Change and enablement concepts

Guiding decision-making processes

Cultural analysis and support with cultural development processes

Sounding boards and success measurement


Media Relations

Relations with journalists are of fundamental importance, particularly with reorganizations that involve redundancies. We ensure that media content is embedded into a comprehensive communication concept that meets the needs of your company and your stakeholders with relevant, convincing stories.

Agenda setting and story pitching

Journalist contacts

Media training

Press conferences

Media office and function of media spokesperson


Public Affairs

Our experts enable you to communicate with relevant stakeholder groups from both the public and the world of politics as transparently and credibly as possible. In this way, you minimize potential damage, foster trust in your company, and effectively protect your reputation.

Political issue monitoring and reporting

Government relations

Issue management and crisis communication


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