Basel Foundation for the Blind is a charitable trust with a long tradition. They recently opened “ybligg”, a shop that offers a new perspective on visual impairments. Farner Basel was responsible for the overall concept of the new project. Working with Farner’s creative team, a 360° concept was developed that draws on the entire repertoire of communication: from the mood of the store design, to the name and branding, to the campaign.  

Ybligg (meaning “insight” in the Basel dialect) is a shop, workshop and exhibition space all at once. It is a platform for the central mission of the foundation, the right of blind, visually impaired and hearing-impaired people to be acknowledged and integrated. The focus is not on the disability, but on the products made by the visually impaired artisans.  

The shop concept was developed by interior design firm Lakrits on Farner’s recommendation. It showcases the high quality of products such as brushes, baskets and wickerwork. Specialists from almost all areas were involved in the creation of the concepts and the campaign with posters, a public transport billboard, a website, social media and classic PR. And it has been successful: to date, footfall and sales have exceeded all expectations. 


Adrian Kohler 

Fabian Röthlisberger