Can I charge my electric car from a normal plug socket? Are there enough charging stations in Switzerland? Can I get an electric car for under CHF 35,000? These and similar questions, translated into animations and prepared for a personalised landing page, are answered in the new TCS campaign. 

The starting point for the development of the campaign was an analysis of the search behaviour of potential buyers of e-cars and a study of the visibility of the available information. They found that potential e-car drivers still have too many questions, and the answers that can be found are too confusing.   

Based on these findings, the TCS is positioning itself in its performance campaign as a competent partner with clear answers on the topic of e-cars. TCS and Farner collaborated to develop a trilingual campaign along the customer journey, which they launched across the Google and Facebook ad networks as well as displaying ads programmatically. 

In conjunction with DU DA Data & Commtech by Farner, TCS also developed the dynamically designed landing page. Through continuous testing and optimisation, the entire campaign is geared towards the best possible performance.  


Daniel Jörg