Bringing a new strategy home to employees via gamification

Allianz Suisse

Tanja Passow

Tanja Passow

Member of Senior Management, Unit Lead Change Communication & Management

Martin Fuchs

Martin Fuchs

Creative Director

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We received a lot of positive feedback from our employees regarding the courage we showed in choosing a new, interactive and fun approach within our strategy communications.

Hans-Peter Nehmer

Head of Corporate Communications and Board Member, Allianz Suisse


Communicating the organisation’s multi-layered strategy involves developing, in a very short space of time, an emotional approach that gets the strategy across coherently and can be used over a three-year period.

Strategy & solution

A microsite encourages people to explore the strategy and discover new growth areas for Allianz Suisse. It’s fun and simultaneously boosts employees’ connection to their company.


The approach and strategy launch event receive very high ratings internally. The teams use the digital strategy world and quickly pick up the strategy’s vocabulary.