Engagement in Health, Safety & Environment positioned as Corporate USP

Hilti Group

Dr. Anka Kästner

Dr. Anka Kästner

Senior Consultant


We are very pleased with the site and the rapid handling – particulary during the last week. Thank you so much for your work, dear Anka, dear Peter!

Felix Reichstein

Content Producer & Storyteller, Hilti Group


The Hilti Group provides the building industry with state-of-the-art technological products, software, systems solutions and services at a global scale. Its portfolio aims at making construction sites safer, more simple and more productive as well as protecting the construction crew and the environment. Our job was to make their engagement more visible online and utilise it for their optimal market positioning.

Strategy & solution

Our strategy was to create a multimedia content hub on the Hilti website to visualise and communicate their philosophy, engagement and HSE initiatives (health, safety & environment). In doing so, we were able to demonstrate how HSE is rooted in their corporate strategy and positioning, and testimonials of various stakeholder groups were involved as proof points in the overarching corporate story.


The content provided is based on modern user behaviour: key messages are enriched with video, photographs, graphic art and interactive modules. The impact-oriented storytelling incorporates comprehensive data, customer testimonials and high-quality footage and allows for the gradual development of further attractive HSE success stories.